Practical SAP Review: The Easy Way to Learn SAP

Most graduates are faced with the issue of not having work experience when applying for employment opportunities. And nothing can be more frustrating, after spending many years of study at university, to be told you don’t have the right skill set for the job.
The reality is SAP software skills are not taught to students at universities. However, the system is used by many of the world’s top fortune 500 companies. These are the companies offering the high-paying Information Technology and Finance careers and everyone wants one of those jobs.

People with SAP skills are in demand and are the highest paid in the industry. In fact, there is a shortage of people with SAP skills in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, Swiss, UK and USA.
Years ago all you needed was a degree to get a good job but now the job market is much more competitive. You need to know what employers really want – employees with practical business application skills.

Practical SAP

Put Yourself Ahead of the Other Graduates by Learning SAP

As SAP software is used by over 120,000 corporate customers worldwide there is a good chance that the companies you want to work for will use SAP to run their businesses.

The problem is learning SAP has traditionally been difficult and expensive because access to SAP training courses has been limited to seminars and classroom style learning.

The cost of SAP courses are about $1000 per day and you would need 5 or more days minimum to learn the basics.

The SAP Learning Solution

A good home-study SAP training course is all you need to learn this system and open the door to your future career opportunities. If you’re a student or graduate you already have the ability and self-discipline to teach yourself the SAP system.

Practical SAP

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What Will I Learn from Practical SAP?

With the Practical SAP course, you can learn enough to be able to run your company’s SAP system. Your SAP knowledge will enable you to perform your job with ease. Many corporate staff will agree that one of the most challenging functions in any job is to be able to use the computer system. This course gives you the practical knowledge you need to lift the burden of knowing how to perform the IT component of your job.

As an ERP solution is used by practically all of the departments of a business, such as accounting, human resources, production, finance, and sales many people can benefit from learning SAP.

You will be ready to start a highly successful Finance or IT career in an organisation that uses SAP software. When you apply for jobs requiring SAP skills, your resume will be given preference over all other applicants.

Product Description

The Practical SAP course is exceptional value, currently priced at only $37, the product was originally released for the non-sale price of $69. The course is a downloadable book in PDF format, which you can view from your computer, laptop, tablet and even through your mobile phone. It’s compatible with both PC and MAC users. Upon ordering, you will be redirected to a page where you can download the course book and you will also be sent an email with instructions for downloading the manual. There is no need to pay for shipping, since Practical SAP is only available as a PDF download. If you have any questions, you may simply click on the “Customer Support” link to communicate with a customer service representative. Please note that the price for this course is fully tax deductible since you are spending money to enhance your income earning potential.

What We Like About Practical SAP

Firstly, this course is exceptional value. If you attended training seminars to learn the content of this book it would cost you thousands of dollars. And in our experience the written material from those expensive training courses is not always well written and may not make for good reference material.

We have reviewed many other SAP books and courses over the years and Practical SAP is very well written and set out to make learning easy. The book is illustrated with hundreds of SAP screen shots showing every step of the process.

Practical SAP has been designed to be very practical. Instead of focusing too much on concepts and theoretical topics, it goes right into the more practical aspect of actually using SAP in the workplace. The course completely describes every SAP transaction, in detail, across the following topics:

  • Setting up a New Company
  • Sales Quotations, Orders, Contracts, Invoices
  • Inventory & Materials Processing
  • Procurement & Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable & Banking
  • Capital Asset Management
  • General Ledger
  • Record Financial Transactions
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Project System
  • Materials Management
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Personnel Administration
  • Timesheet Management
  • Travel Management
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Report Writer
  • User Account Management
  • System Configuration

There are over 200 pages of illustrated, step-by-step lessons to help you use SAP like a professional. In fact, this course has been developed by SAP consultants with over 20 years industry experience and adapted from real corporate training documentation that  has been proven to train corporate staff with limited IT knowledge

The PDF format is definitely preferable to a series of long and sometimes boring videos. Not only is the PDF format much cheaper, it’s also more user friendly. It’s much easier to access a particular page with the information you need than searching through an entire video.

It also doesn’t require you to turn on any sound devices for you to understand the course, as you can study the text and images even when you’re listening to your own music.

What We Didn’t Like About Practical SAP

Some people would prefer to view a video about SAP instead of simply reading a book. Since SAP is interactive software which can bring about a range of different responses, some people would like to see how the interactions happen in real time.

However, if you follow the step-by-step instructions in the book you will have no problems learning.

The course requires you to have your own access to SAP in order to follow the course. However, there is another SAP course (FICO module only) offered for sale which uses interactive video technology where you do not require access to SAP software. This course mimics SAP transactions and steps you through the process as though you were logged into a real SAP session.

However, after learning SAP you will still need a good reference guidebook and this is where we highly recommend Practical SAP.


If you really want to learn SAP business software without spending a small fortune on seminars and travel, then Practical SAP is the product for you!

Not only will you learn in-depth information about how to use SAP in the workplace, but you’ll also have a handy reference guidebook to show you how to run transactions in the system. Once you’ve read through Practical SAP, you can go back to previous chapters to review, and you’ll be even more confident with your new skills in SAP!

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